Client Testimonials

Cary is a profoundly kind, compassionate, and beautiful soul who cares deeply about people and particularly about women in recovery. She has gently helped me to challenge and reframe decades-old painful beliefs and limiting thought and behavior patterns. She has guided me to be able to start to see my own light for the first time in my life. In her small group coaching, I have found the connection that my soul has been longing for with other amazing women who deeply understand where I’ve been. I am accepted, celebrated, seen, and held for exactly where I am and who I am. My connection with Cary and the women in my small group has truly been a missing piece on my very long recovery journey. I often find it challenging and scary to reach out or to try something new, but I am so grateful I found the courage to sign up with Cary. Simply put, working with her has been the greatest gift I’ve ever given to myself.  ~Jane
Cary has been one of the most instrumental players in my long and winding road of recovery. Cary has been a container of safety who invited "all of me,' stands with me as I learn to live inside my truth, creating a welcome table adorned with "who I am". And in her ever-ready willingness to go deep, she brings a grounded presence that stays true to her promise to meet me exactly where I am. Every human heart - especially the recovering one - wants to be seen and known. Cary sees and knows. Coaching is not a job to her, it's what makes her come alive. My recovery was begging for people who have come alive, and I surely found that with Cary." ~Caitlin
"There is such magic that happens in being vulnerable and seen by Cary. She will see all of you without judgement and guide you back to your own knowing. Cary has a gift to reflect to you your own words with gentle kindness. Small group coaching with Cary feels like I have found that one missing puzzle piece in my recovery journey. I wasn't quite getting there with counseling and recovery meetings on their own. Coaching with Cary alongside my other modalities has helped me move past some difficult points in healing. If there is any hesitation asking yourself "Is it worth it?", the answer is "Yes, it really is!". ~Dana