About Cary

My Recovery Journey

I have battled with alcohol use disorder for the majority of my adult life and began my recovery journey in 1993. Following a family intervention, I began my recovery in a 12-step program and gained much insight about my addiction. While I stayed sober for 8 years, beyond abstinence from alcohol, nothing much changed in my life. When I relapsed in 2001, I quickly returned right back to where I had been 8 years before: consumed with drinking.   In 2012,  I entered rehab and participated in an 8-week outpatient program, and found sobriety again. My half-hearted effort at recovery lasted 16 months; I relapsed again and continued drinking until I could no longer bear the weight of the shame associated with what I was doing...shame from years of lying to and deceiving everyone, most of all myself. In a last-ditch effort for my life, I reached out for help from my sisters. With divine intervention and deep-down courage, I found myself in rehab once again.  I committed to a 90 day residential program in a Christian Women's drug and alcohol treatment facility.  It was there that I found my way home...home to myself, home to my knowing, home to who I was created to be. Those 90 days stretched to almost two years; I was finally on firm footing. To say that I was changed is a woefully inadequate understatement;  I was revived, redeemed, restored, reborn.  And I had uncovered my life's calling: to serve other women who seek what I had found.


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